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Rainbows, Kombis and Karaoke – Mercedes and Greg’s carnival themed wedding

Mercedes and Greg are really excellent people. I love a good sense of humour, and I wasn’t disappointed when I rocked up to shoot their pretty awesome rainbow carnival themed wedding at Braeside Chapel on the Gold Coast. From the gold plated toilet seat wedding present to the killer tunes belted out (Love Shack) by the Bride and Groom on the Karaoke machine as voted by their guests, this wedding was not short of laughter, or fun, or anything else you might consider awesome. Kombi van = check. Sparklers = check. Ridiculous face pulling = double check. I freaking love these guys! Laughs were had, drinks were consumed, day was enjoyed. What more could you want in a wedding? Oh, and they decided on a first look too which is always great!

One of my favourite moments? The quick dash to the bedside of Mercedes’ grandma, who would have loved to witness the ceremony but was unfortunately too ill to attend (images have not been published out of respect for the family) right before the ceremony. It was lovely to witness.

I hope you enjoy this DIY piece of rainbow fabulousness. Here is the wedding of Mercedes and Greg.

Vendor Love

Bride’s Jewellery – Swarovski

Rings – Lee Volk

Kombi Van – Kombi Celebrations

Prep (bride and groom) – Mecure Gold Coast Resort (Palm Meadows)

Venue: Braeside Chapel

Flowers: Flowers on Q

Celebrant: Bree Nicholls from Be Weddings and Events

Gold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerRainbow Gold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerRainbowGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographerGold-Coast-Wedding-photographer

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Which flowers to choose for your wedding? – Wedding Flowers made simple

Wedding Flowers. They are possibly the last thing on your mind when planning a wedding. However after the delight/stress/small loans required to organise the rest of the wedding, flowers can really make your day kinda special. I mean, when else do you get to play with them (unless you’re a florist I guess or you have seriously green thumbs and lots of time on your hands!).

So what kind of bouquet to choose? Flowers? Paper? Brooch? Artificial (don’t cringe, the latest ones are very real looking!)?  It’s all up to you. Choosing your floral styling depends on your theme, budget and time of year.

You might like a relaxed loosely bunched bouquet of seasonal flowers to compliment your theme. Fresh flowers are beautiful and feminine, smell divine and always make you feel like a lady. They can also be used for halos and arbours, as well as table decorations and aisle decorations. Just remember to have them match the rest of your theme.

Wedding flowers

There’s nothing like a bunch of fresh beauties for your trip down the aisle.

Wedding flowers

Accessorise! Halos, hair pieces and styling can help tie your theme together or give you a different look for your photos.


Like something a little bit different? Consider a paper or button bouquet! While they do take a bit of ordering (often from overseas), they really are quite stunning, and you can request your colours and make it your own. One of my brides even had her bouquet made from her favourite Jane Austen novels. Love that!

Paper bouquets - wedding flowers

Paper bouquets are becoming quite popular, and can be customised like this ‘Jane Austen’ bouquet.


Button Bouquet - wedding flowers

A button paper bouquet brings a contemporary twist to a traditional inclusion.


Love a bit of good old fashioned glamour? Brooch bouquets are the epitome of gorgeous. You’ll shine and sparkle all the way down the aisle, and you can keep all of your memories for years to come (often made with synthetic flowers).

Wedding flowers

The glamour of a gorgeous brooch bouquet can bring a touch a class to your day, like this one from Artificial Floral Boutique


The time of year might mean you can’t have the flowers you’ve always dreamt of. It’s OK, you can substitute for a bunch of synthetic lovelies that won’t wilt on you before you walk down the aisle, and the best thing (apart from the fact you get to keep them forever)? The camera and your guests won’t even know the difference!

Synthetic wedding flowers

Synthetic flowers are a great option during the hot summer months when even the most hardy flowers can wilt in the heat.

Synthetic Wedding Flowers

Synthetic flowers look fantastic in photos, and you get to keep them forever!

So there you have it. I’m sure there are more yet to discover, but there are a few ideas to get you started! Whatever your plans for your day, a little bit of colour and style will make all the difference!

Wedding Flowers

Whether you choose fresh, synthetic or something else, remember to use your colour theme throughout your reception to tie the whole day together.

Some of the lovely vendors responsible for the floral wonders you see above 🙂 Wedding Flowers available at:

Brooch bouquet – Artificial Floral Boutique

Fresh bouquets (left and middle) – BSweet Flowers

White synthetic flowers – Bloomroom Designs on Etsy

Jane Austen Bouquet – H Bixby Artworks on Etsy

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