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The gift of being a photographer…..Friday morning musings

So, I was listening to someone on the radio yesterday morning in the car talking about clippings of photographs they have from old newspapers on a pertinent topic and my mind started to wander. How important were these photographs in the grand scheme of things? If they didn’t exist, what would be there instead, if anything? I began to think about how they impacted on history, and in that moment I came to the understand why I value my job as a photographer so much.

You see, we photographers are timekeepers. We freeze time and preserve it. Many photographers don’t even earn a decent wage from their craft. We do it for the love. It’s important to us, to be able to preserve a moment in history whether it be a political protest, a social interaction or the birth of a new life. Think about how your life would be different if you had no photographic record of yourself, your family, even the places of this world you have visited? How has looking at historical images helped you understand and appreciate the world in which you live? If they were not taken at that point in history we would never have a visual record the horrors of war; the importance of a political speech; the joys of a rescue. There are countless instances.

Check out Time Magazine’s 100 most influential photographs of all time here.

My personal favourites though, in terms of being a wedding and portrait photographer are family. Family and friends are such an integral part of how we live our lives. I have images of my grandparents from our wedding 10 years ago, and their wedding some 50 years before ours. They are no longer with us, but I treasure those photographs. Those moments in time are precious to me, and to my family, and they will take their place in history once we are gone.

Our wedding 10 years ago. Photo by Legends in Photography

It’s these moments that flit by in a matter of seconds that we need to preserve. A smile, a kiss, a knowing glance, a bout of uncontrollable laughter. It’s my pleasure to gift these moments I capture to humanity. My job is that of a documentarian, and what a momentous job it is! I am proud to be a photographer. I want to leave this world knowing I have gifted something that will be treasured for decades to come. So get those family photos done. Take your happy snaps. Print your fondest memories and look at them often, for that is all you will have left once the moment passes. Wx.

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Meet ‘Greenery’, the new Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017

Welcome to 2017! This year is shaping up to be pretty darn awesome. Let’s kick it off with Pantone’s announcement of the Pantone Colour of the year. Drumroll please……..

And the winner is ‘Greenery’! I’m kinda excited about this one. I love photographing my couples with a bit of greenery. Not only is it a warm colour that reminds you of spring and fresh grass, but you can incorporate it easily into your wedding details with well, greenery! Succulents, leaves of all kinds (I’m loving Jasmine right now), even bridesmaids or groomsmen accents colours. There’s also cars, cakes, arbours, stationary, I could go on all day!

Wedding photographer Gold Coast

Green is so versatile when it comes to location photos too. From a gorgeous hanging arbour to beautiful natural backdrops, green can make your photos so lovely, especially when the sun gives it a backlit quality. Loving the new Pantone Colour Greenery, bring on 2017! Read more about the Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Greenery’ here.


Pantone Colour of the Year 2107

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‘Normal’ are my kind of people!

mr-mrsSo I was chatting with a lovely bride of mine the other day when she mentioned that the reason she chose me as her photographer was because on my website the pictures were of all ‘normal’ people, and I have been thinking about this ever since (stay with me here).

It’s something that really bothers me about some members of this industry, and in fact many industries across the globe, the lack of ‘normal’. It bothers me because we are ALL ‘normal’ people. We come in various shapes, sizes, and family units, with a great variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. One person’s normal may be completely different to another’s, but we are all entitled to get married (well, hopefully very, very soon) to our loves, and we are all entitled to have it beautifully captured. We don’t all look like models, in fact almost no one looks like a model, and this is why I have those ‘normal’ people on my website. Because they’re my people. They laugh, they cry, they are hilariously corny and crazy and this is why I love spending my days with them, capturing their lives and documenting it for them to enjoy for years to come.

SO what I’m trying to say in my weird way is, I love my job, and I love my people, and I’m passionate about changing the way we see ourselves, and each other. We all deserve our stories to be told, and that’s why I’m here. So come let me tell your story, because you are beautiful, and NORMAL, and there will never be anyone else like you, EVER.

Embrace the beauty in your version of NORMAL, and let it shine! Also, replace the word normal with AWESOME.

Happy days 🙂


Awesome, beautiful people getting their marriage on. <3

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  • Mari - Perfectly said Wendy…You have certainly found your true calling. Your photos are stunning!! Loved reading this! 😊ReplyCancel

Pantone Colour of the year for 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity for the win

Wondering what’s trending in the world of colour this year? Well as always, Pantone have released their colour of the year, but this time there’s a twist. The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2016 is not one, but two awesome colours!

Rose Quartz and Serenity have burst onto the scene in a wave of tranquility and calmness that quite frankly, is refreshing to the point of needing to meditate. I love these two colours!



Check out the official video for the Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

So what does that mean in the world of weddings? Glad you asked. Im thinking soft pink fabrics and flowers, perfect sunset skies, gorgeous lilac blue suits and ties, and flowing bridesmaids dresses and the kind of unique bridal gowns that are completely swoon worthy. Here are some ideas to help you start planning your Rose Quartz and Serendipity wedding.

Rose Quartz, Serenity, Pantone 2016

You can incorporate the 2016 Pantone colours into your dress by either using a sash, embellishments or other accessories. If you’re feeling really brave you can just have your entire dress Rose Quartz like Nicola did. Let me tell you, it was fabulous! See that wedding here. Flower girl dresses can also be beautiful in Rose Quartz or Serenity. Little girls always look lovely in soft pastels, and it’s something different from the standard white.

Pantone of the year 2016

Accessorise with shoes, hair pieces, garters and flowers. Basically, whatever you dream of in soft pinks an lilacs, make it happen. Pinterest is your best friend 🙂

Your bridesmaids can also benefit from the soft tones of Rose Quartz. This gorgeous number from When Freddie Met Lilly  was the perfect match to accompany Brianna’s vintage lace gown and can be worn a number of ways to cater for lots of shapes and sizes to find that flattering fit.

Pantone of the year Rose Quartz

Your reception theme can really tie your whole day together, so if you’re looking to incorporate this year’s Pantone colours you can do so with your styling. Everything from the cake to the invitations can be embellished with touches of Rose Quartz and Serenity. Here are a few examples. Soft pink flowers, rose quartz cake stand, even the dessert bar can be a part of the dreamy pantone team.

Rose-quartz-wedding-cake, skeleton wedding cake topper

Being a photographer, you know I love the location photos. It’s all about the love and stuff! So this brings me to sunsets. Oh how I love sunsets, and this year even the skies can be a part of your colour scheme. Here’s a perfect example of Rose Quartz and Serenity at their finest. Love, love LOVE a beautiful twilight sky. Ahhhhh



So there you have it. A brilliant choice this year by Pantone (in my honest opinion) to combine two of the most delectable colours in the palette to form one uber-gorgeous marriage. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the Pantone colour of the year!  x


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To veil or not to veil? Wedding head piece accessory options

Of the many, many choices brides have to make while planning their wedding, one of the most visible is ‘what are you going to wear on your head’? As with everything else, there are squillions of options, so I thought I’d (hopefully) help some of you ladies out by giving you a visual guide to how different wedding head piece accessories look and also change the feel of your wedding, and also your gown.

Now I’m certainly no fashion expert, and if you’ve met me, you know this is true (I march to the beat of my own drum when it comes to fashion). So please take my ahem, opinions, with a grain of salt. Also, go with something YOU love, don’t worry about what anyone else wants or says. It’s your wedding day, your way. Also, apply that advice to the rest of your wedding, you only get to do it once. You can thank me later for that morsel of excellent advice.

Let’s talk about some of the wedding head piece options (sounds like a matrimonial trip to the orthodontist haha) out there for brides.

The Cathedral veil

Ok, I admit, I freaking love a good cathedral veil. Traditional, beautiful, timeless, and boy do they take a gorgeous photograph. All hail the cathedral veil! Of course, these beauties don’t go with everything. Best suited to a long dress, and you may want to remove it by the time the reception rolls around and replace with a comb or other hair piece. Can be worn over the face (traditional) for the ceremony entrance or simply at the back of the head. Other considerations may be the length of your hair. Long hair is best, but be sure to try it on at the hair trial to see how it’s going to look on the day.


Lauren and Tony had a traditional church wedding and the most spectacular sunset!


Liz chose to wear her veil over her face for her wedding ceremony in St Brigid’s Red Hill in Brisbane.


Marina chose a simple cathedral veil for to compliment her classy black and white wedding in Brisbane city

Chapel, Waist and Elbow Veils

If a cathedral veil is not for you, you can still go for a shorter length veil to compliment your dress. There are various lengths shorter than cathedral (who knew right?), the most popular seems to be a waist length. After all they are pretty versatile and can be worn in tiers with or without blusher (the bit that goes over your face), beaded, with lace, and will work for both garden and chapel/church ceremonies.


Sharna chose a lovely veil with blusher for her Royal Pines chapel wedding


I loved Louise’ choice of mid-length veil for her church wedding


Ainslie wore a mid-length tiered veil for her garden ceremony in New Farm, Brisbane

Hat Veil

Are you a little more into the vintage look? Then perhaps a hat and veil combination is more your style. I thought Katie-Marie chose the perfect accessory to compliment her peach ballgown dress for her retro vintage themed wedding.  The hat was easily removed too, as it was on a headband. Genius!


Katie-Marie and her completely fabulous hat with veil. Perfect!


The term headpiece is reallllly broad when it comes to wedding accessories. There is so much to choose from! Flowers, combs, diamontes, halos, and lace are just a few things that can be incorporated into a headpiece. The one thing that has to match is the style. I mean if you are having a vintage wedding then you might consider a small birdcage veil or diamonte comb. The style can completely make or break your overall look. Here are some brides who nailed their choice of hair accessory.


Brianna chose the perfect comb for her classic vintage hairstyle and lace dress.


Alex teamed her tea length dress with flowers that matched her bouquet


Nicola wore an understated diamonte headband because let’s face it that dress is definitely the star! Gorgeous!


Solua wore beautiful bright orchids for her tropical beach themed wedding


Emma wore a vintage antique coloured hair tie for her art deco themed wedding and it was stunning


Mum-to-be Cath chose a beautiful soft white hair tie with flower to match her bohemian Grace Loves Lace dress

So what if you can’t decide? I have another option for you. You can mix and match! One of my fave brides Sarah is a self-confessed head piece freak, so when she couldn’t decide she made the decision to wear a different head piece for each part of her day, and it totally worked. Sarah wore a veil for the ceremony, a flower crown for part of the location shoot, and a diamonte head piece for the reception. All went beautifully with her mermaid tail dress, and made for some wonderful and different photos throughout the day. Problem solved!


Sarah changed her hair pieces throughout the day


So there you have it. Many options, many choices for wedding head pieces. You just have to find the right one for you. Here are some of my favourite suppliers and websites for more inspiration (this is not a sponsored post in any way, I just like these guys’ work).


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