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As with a lot of my lovely clients, Karla and Clint just wanted a laid back wedding with their family and friends that incorporated the stuff that makes them happy. For Karla, that was their family and their brand new home, and for Clint, it was the waterside. So they combined the two and voila, a fun, joy-filled, sunlit, water-surrounded day ensued!

We began the day at St Margaret’s chapel outside the Arts Centre in Bundall on the Gold Coast. It’s the cutest little chapel, and I love the old school feel of it – no literally, it feels like an old turn-of-the-century school. The guests all piled in and we had a beautiful intimate service that suited Karla and Clint perfectly.

After the ceremony, drinks were served in the gardens where the gorgeous cake was cut and speeches were made. It was a nice change to an evening reception and I loved being able to shoot in the afternoon light, so much nicer!!!

Location photos took place at Bum’s Bay on the Spit in Main Beach, perfect for our photos with its mix of greenery and water views (which our couple loved). Honestly nothing beats a beautiful sunny afternoon for golden hour photos. Just magnificent!

Roll on to the waterside reception. Actually, make that boat on to the waterside reception. We took a ride in Clint’s banana boat as the sun set (just magic) along the Gold Coast waterways and arrived at their home-made reception via the canal. I love a bit of something different so I was keen as!

These guys were lovely. Such fun and just nice people. My people. Awesome.


Dress and hair accessory: White Lily Couture

Flowers: Gypsy and Bloom – ahmazing!!!!!

Hair: Bella Boutique Bridal

Make-up: HL Beauty

Grooms Suit: Politix

Celebrant: Lisa Knell – Custom Ceremonies

Chapel: St Margarets, The Arts Centre Bundall

Cake: Sugar Lily cakes


Main Beach Location photos

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Alisha and Garry are awesome people. They had a gorgeous and hilariously funny hinterland wedding at St Bernards Mt Tamborine. Here is their story.

I had the pleasure of meeting Garry in Grade 9 of high school when he moved to the Gold Coast. We were partners in shenanigans from the outset, united in our quest to get through year 9 social studies in any way we could. Others joined in. We had an awesome time. The teacher left the school shortly after (I feel a little bad about that, but she was super ill-equipped to deal with a bunch of bored 14 year olds).

Bearing all this in mind, I was stoked to be asked to shoot Garry’s wedding to Alisha, his lovely and equally funny fiance. These two are gold. They have two munchkins, love the outdoors and love a good sense of humour. So we were solid.

The location was set, the Gold Coast hinterland was calling, and I couldn’t wait to be involved in this shindig. Many laughs were had, many moments were captured and the hinterland turned it on like never before with a sunset to rival Hollywood blockbusters.

Here is the super fun hinterland wedding of Garry and Alisha. Congrats guys x





gold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographerhinterland weddinggold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographerhinterland weddinggold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographerhinterland weddinggold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographerhinterland weddinggold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographerhinterland weddinggold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographergold-coast-wedding-photographer

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The gorgeous Ecostudio Fellini wedding of Heidi and Mark was all the things that I love. Fun, warm, nestled in the hills and all about the love. These guys are legends. We had such a blast shooting and having a great time I almost forgot I was working. This is why I love what I do! Laughs were had, tears were shed (some from laughing), and a great time had by all. Shout out to Simon at Ecostudio Fellini for being such an awesome host and looking after the bridal party’s every need. He also gave me a bowl of amazing pasta so I love him forever haha.


Venue: Ecostudio Fellini 

Bride’s Dress: Lover

Bride’s Shoes: Wittner

Bride’s earrings and bangle: LottieDaDesigns on Etsy

Flowers: Haley Cochrane – FrankieandHaley

Suits: Vanishing Elephant

Groom’s Shoes: Julius Marlow

Bridesmaid’s Dress: Forever New


Gold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerGold-coast-wedding-photographerEcostudio WeddingEcostudio Fellini WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio WeddingEcostudio Wedding

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The stunning Boho Chic Wedding of Sam and Michael took place in April, fittingly on Earth day. Coolibah Downs in Nerang was chosen as the venue, as the couple loved the garden setting and were more than happy that their guests could share in their day and not have to travel to the reception. Win!

Sam loves to DIY, so almost all the decorations were lovingly made by her (or family members) over the few months prior to the big day. Even the succulents given as gifts to the guests were grown by her uncle and friends of the Maid of Honour, with Sam and Michael growing more from cuttings (which is a great personal touch) , all used to style the ceremony and reception areas. The fresh greens and natural timber tones used were understated yet elegant, just like the couple.

Michael is a super keen fisherman, so this was incorporated into the day via his excellent choice of socks and some very unique cufflinks, which apparently took months to track down. I love when a couple puts personal touches like this into their wedding. It makes it more memorable, and certainly more fun for me! Bring out the crazy cufflinks I say!

So a beautiful ceremony was performed, some gorgeous photos were taken (while some serious fun was had and one particular kookaburra was kept at bay – no kookaburras were harmed during the making of these photos), and a wonderful reception followed. What more could you ask for? Oh, there was cake too. CAKE!

Here is the wedding of Samantha and Michael.

Vendor Love

Venue: Coolibah Downs Private Estate

Flowers: Wedding Flowers by Keren

Bride’s Shoes: Nine West

Celebrant: Bernadette Brushe

Cake: Yanir Merhav – @sweetcakeddreams  0413 765 985

Cufflinks: Dave’s Emporium – Ebay

Fishing Socks: The Sock Drawer

Hair and Make-up: Porcelain Face

Necklace and Earrings: Crystal Avenues – Etsy


Boho Chic Wedding

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First of all, this post about Braeside Chapel is all me. Nobody has paid me to write this, it’s just an opinion piece by a photographer who loves this venue. End of.

The Venue

So, let’s have a chat about Braeside Chapel in Merrimac. It’s at the heart of the Gold Coast, making it very central and quite easy to reach from both the coast and the M1 highway. First win.

The venue, run by the wonderful John and Judy, has been extensively upgraded and cared for in the last few years to offer a great amount of choice when it comes to planning your wedding. Both garden and chapel weddings can be catered for as well as the reception. Everything in one place? Second win.

The gardens are lovely with a beautiful lawn for garden ceremonies and of course there is a large tree (my favourite) which has a cute swing you can use for photos (and night photos!). The garden also boasts a good deal of room for lawn games, such as croquet and there is a giant chess set for guests to play with, so you can hang out there for drinks and canapés and just generally have a pleasant afternoon.

Chapel Ceremonies

Braeside Chapel is a photographer’s dream. It’s super cute outside, but I’m not kidding here, it’s got one giant thing over a great many churches and chapels I have shot in. It’s white inside. WHITE!! This means the interior is bathed in beautiful, soft diffused light. You know what this means? BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! You will look even more gorgeous in your gown with this light, I guarantee it. Wonderful! Hot tip: You can only fit one, maybe two photographers in here, so if you’re thinking of hiring a video crew and a team of shooters, perhaps let them know first, as it can be a tight squeeze. The garden may be a better option.


Garden Ceremonies2016-02-16_0002

Garden ceremonies are held on the lawn near the grand tree, making for a lovely natural setting. The other great thing is, the path is solid (not grass), so you’re not going to sink in your wedding heels. The ceremony area is also paved, so guests don’t have that sinking feeling either. If you have lots of guests, they have plenty of room to stand at the back of the ceremony, which is also nice. The best part? Lots of room for us photographic types! I love having the freedom to move around a ceremony to capture all the different angles because I tend to get shots I may not normally get inside a church or enclosed venue simply because of the lack of space. There’s nothing worse than blocking the view of the parents and families of the bride and groom, so I avoid that at all costs!

2016-02-16_0003Garden Ceremony

The Reception Area

Drinks and canapes can be enjoyed in the courtyard area outside the chapel while you are off with your bridal party and photographer capturing awesome photos in the garden or offsite at a variety of close-by hot spots depending on what you’re into. There is a bar connected to the exterior of the marquee so you can keep your guests entertained and well-watered before they enter the reception ready for your return. Toilets are also close by 🙂

The marquee itself is white, with a stone paved floor and elegant chandeliers, fairy lights and white curtains so you can customise it as much or as little as you like (within reason I’m sure, or John will kill me lol). Speak to Judy and or John at Braeside Chapel about catering and set-up, they are very helpful!

Braeside Chapel ReceptionBraeside Chapel ReceptionNight Photo

So there you go, one of my favourite venues on the Gold Coast, Braeside Chapel. Hit the contact form to have a chat to me about capturing your Braeside Chapel wedding.

I’ll also be blogging about some more awesome venues soon, so stay tuned.

W x



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