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We have a Date!

So, we have a date for the big move, finally! In true fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style, we’ve decided the best date to emigrate to a new country is new years eve! We fly into our new home of Dunedin on December 31st this year. We’ll have no car, no household items and pretty much just a few suitcases when we step off the plane. Winging it. Yep.

By the most amazing co-incidence, I managed to contact the one property owner on (for those playing at home, a bach, said batch, is a holiday home or small dwelling in kiwiland) that has also decided to emigrate across the ditch next year from Australia. You see we need somewhere to stay for about a month while we wait for our household goods to arrive and be cleared by customs. So basically we needed a home away from home that the kids will be comfortable in to get them semi-settled into Dunedin life. Of course it’s a holiday home, but hey, it’s the holidays. So stoked we found that place.

We’ll spend our first week there walking into places like car dealerships and haggling for a car and driving it off the lot that afternoon, then trying to get a phone plan, some doonas (sorry, quilts) because it’s still only around 10 degrees at night during summer and figuring out where everything is. Kev hopefully will start work the second week of January, so that leaves me and the kids to hopefully get some time to explore in between things like buying new school uniforms and possibly doing some things at our new home if we’ve purchased one by then.

Every now and then the reality of ‘oh shit, we’re actually doing this’ sets in and I go through a myriad of emotions. Fear, anger (for being fearful), excitement, joy, and then that adrenalin rush that you get when you do something and you have no idea if it’s going to work out or not. Except I do know it will work out. The universe works in mysterious ways, but it always answers. So, I keep putting it out there, and know it will deliver. No idea how, where or when, but it will, and usually in the most unexpected and spectacular way. Cheers universe. You’re awesome.

So right now the race is on to finish this house and sell it. The endless list of painting jobs that I haven’t got to has finally prompted Kev to get some quotes to have someone else do it. Note: I literally haven’t got to them, this is not because I’m lazy, we’re run off our feet here. Meanwhile, we are having quotes for moving overseas, taking pets to vets for vaccinations, trying to de-clutter the house and get that stuff into storage then clean the house and stage it for sale (thank god for Ikea and Kmart); all while our year 12 student sits his core skills test, our 8 year old competes and wins dance comps, plays cello on assembly and has a swimming block at school this week; and our 7 year old tries to keep up by constantly requesting play-dates with his friends. Pass.the.scotch.

But things aren’t going to slow down. We have a date. We’re on the countdown now. Less than 4 months to go. We are now moving at breakneck speed towards our new home, and we couldn’t be happier.

Let’s do this shit NZ.


Move date for Dunedin, NZ

Here are some photos I took on the iPhone whilst in Dunedin for their wedding expo a few weeks ago. Note our travel lion Leo made the trip with us. He enjoyed the harbour views whilst searching for real estate lol.


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To veil or not to veil? Wedding head piece accessory options

Of the many, many choices brides have to make while planning their wedding, one of the most visible is ‘what are you going to wear on your head’? As with everything else, there are squillions of options, so I thought I’d (hopefully) help some of you ladies out by giving you a visual guide to how different wedding head piece accessories look and also change the feel of your wedding, and also your gown.

Now I’m certainly no fashion expert, and if you’ve met me, you know this is true (I march to the beat of my own drum when it comes to fashion). So please take my ahem, opinions, with a grain of salt. Also, go with something YOU love, don’t worry about what anyone else wants or says. It’s your wedding day, your way. Also, apply that advice to the rest of your wedding, you only get to do it once. You can thank me later for that morsel of excellent advice.

Let’s talk about some of the wedding head piece options (sounds like a matrimonial trip to the orthodontist haha) out there for brides.

The Cathedral veil

Ok, I admit, I freaking love a good cathedral veil. Traditional, beautiful, timeless, and boy do they take a gorgeous photograph. All hail the cathedral veil! Of course, these beauties don’t go with everything. Best suited to a long dress, and you may want to remove it by the time the reception rolls around and replace with a comb or other hair piece. Can be worn over the face (traditional) for the ceremony entrance or simply at the back of the head. Other considerations may be the length of your hair. Long hair is best, but be sure to try it on at the hair trial to see how it’s going to look on the day.


Lauren and Tony had a traditional church wedding and the most spectacular sunset!


Liz chose to wear her veil over her face for her wedding ceremony in St Brigid’s Red Hill in Brisbane.


Marina chose a simple cathedral veil for to compliment her classy black and white wedding in Brisbane city

Chapel, Waist and Elbow Veils

If a cathedral veil is not for you, you can still go for a shorter length veil to compliment your dress. There are various lengths shorter than cathedral (who knew right?), the most popular seems to be a waist length. After all they are pretty versatile and can be worn in tiers with or without blusher (the bit that goes over your face), beaded, with lace, and will work for both garden and chapel/church ceremonies.


Sharna chose a lovely veil with blusher for her Royal Pines chapel wedding


I loved Louise’ choice of mid-length veil for her church wedding


Ainslie wore a mid-length tiered veil for her garden ceremony in New Farm, Brisbane

Hat Veil

Are you a little more into the vintage look? Then perhaps a hat and veil combination is more your style. I thought Katie-Marie chose the perfect accessory to compliment her peach ballgown dress for her retro vintage themed wedding.  The hat was easily removed too, as it was on a headband. Genius!


Katie-Marie and her completely fabulous hat with veil. Perfect!


The term headpiece is reallllly broad when it comes to wedding accessories. There is so much to choose from! Flowers, combs, diamontes, halos, and lace are just a few things that can be incorporated into a headpiece. The one thing that has to match is the style. I mean if you are having a vintage wedding then you might consider a small birdcage veil or diamonte comb. The style can completely make or break your overall look. Here are some brides who nailed their choice of hair accessory.


Brianna chose the perfect comb for her classic vintage hairstyle and lace dress.


Alex teamed her tea length dress with flowers that matched her bouquet


Nicola wore an understated diamonte headband because let’s face it that dress is definitely the star! Gorgeous!


Solua wore beautiful bright orchids for her tropical beach themed wedding


Emma wore a vintage antique coloured hair tie for her art deco themed wedding and it was stunning


Mum-to-be Cath chose a beautiful soft white hair tie with flower to match her bohemian Grace Loves Lace dress

So what if you can’t decide? I have another option for you. You can mix and match! One of my fave brides Sarah is a self-confessed head piece freak, so when she couldn’t decide she made the decision to wear a different head piece for each part of her day, and it totally worked. Sarah wore a veil for the ceremony, a flower crown for part of the location shoot, and a diamonte head piece for the reception. All went beautifully with her mermaid tail dress, and made for some wonderful and different photos throughout the day. Problem solved!


Sarah changed her hair pieces throughout the day


So there you have it. Many options, many choices for wedding head pieces. You just have to find the right one for you. Here are some of my favourite suppliers and websites for more inspiration (this is not a sponsored post in any way, I just like these guys’ work).


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Hot off the Press! Vintage Bride Magazine, QLD Brides, Wedding Guide Features

They say it all happens at once. Well, it’s all happening at once over here at the moment!

On the back of a super busy wedding season, I have had the pleasure of being featured in a few wedding and bridal publications in the last few weeks. It’s really exciting seeing your images in print. No matter how many times it happens, I still get a kick out of it (even if I paid for advertising! I know, ridiculous, but true).

So here are the places you can find me right now. Well my imagery anyway. Right now I’m tucked away in my study with a glass of wine writing this post, but anyway, i digress (as usual).

Check out these classy publications at your local newsagent NOW!

Vintage Bride Magazine

Pink Wedding DressBrisbane PowerhousePowerhouse Brisbane

Queensland Brides also have a little love for me with this editorial. They asked me for one of my favourite photos. This was the wedding of Sarah and Rob last December. I absolutely love this shot of Sarah’s Dad during the ceremony. Such a sweet moment I had the pleasure of witnessing. You can check out the rest of that wedding here.

Wendy Maley Photography

I was also super lucky to be featured on the Queensland Brides blog the other day with a photo in their top 15 for 2015! This is from the wedding of Imogen and Dave and was a cracker of a wedding at the Sheraton Mirage Main Beach. Check out the Qld Brides Blog post hereMain Beach Wedding

The Wedding Guide is another Publication that’s got the goods. I was lucky enough to have a couple of weddings feature in the current (and new) edition, as well as a few other morsels of loveliness throughout. One such wedding was that of Lauren and Tony. Any wonder, this wedding was amazing! Check out Lauren and Tony’s Branell Homestead wedding on my blog here, and purchase your copy of the Gold Coast edition of The Wedding Guide now! Sunset Wedding


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    Keep up the good work !ReplyCancel

Event City! Upcoming Wedding Expos and Events

I can’t keep up with all of the upcoming wedding expos and events I’m attending, so here’s a quick list to keep you informed (to also keep me from losing my mind!). You can find me at the following shin digs:

August 30th – Brisbane Weddings Wedding Expo, Acacia Ridge Hotel, Acacia Ridge

Come down this Sunday for lunch and say hi!

September 10th – A Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub, Thursday 5-8pm at The Wedding Hub 1/9 Kohl Street Upper Coomera

This one is a must if you enjoy a more relaxed, cruisy environment. Tickets $10. Brides receive a goody bag, so get in quick!

A Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride's Marketta

October 9,10,11. Queensland Brides Expo

This is the premier expo in the state. The biggest and the best. Come on down for three days of wedding fun at the Brisbane Convention Centre in Southbank, Brisbane.

Queensland Brides Magazine Wedding Expo


1st November – The Bride’s Market Twilight boutique wedding fair. 3pm-8pm 46 Douglas Street Milton

REALLY looking forward to this one! Set in a tuscan style courtyard, with like minded vendors. I can almost taste the wine and cheese from here! Should be a great night, don’t miss it! Early bird tickets on sale now!

The Bride's Market

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A Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride’s Marketta

Last Thursday evening I attended the very first A Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride’s Marketta. It was a fun, relaxed and FABULOUS night filled with all kinds of goodies and treats where brides (and grooms) to be could come and have a chat to various industry vendors about their wedding services, without the push and shove of a regular expo. Needless to say, this little bridal expo was a big hit with everyone involved!

The guests all received a goodie bag upon entry, and were free to wander around at their leisure to check out the fantastic services the wedding hub members, including myself, had to offer. We had groovy tunes provided by Mc Gee Entertainment (and they were awesome); canapé’s from the guys at See You Next Thursday, who provide not only event services but also personalised catering to brides and grooms in house (no more food worries!); the My Vintage Lane caravan bar; Woody (the bar trailer), Rusta (the Kombi Van) and their caretakers from Luxury of Vintage Enterprises providing refreshments along with the Bartender; some delicious cakes and lollies from Sugarize Events, Cakeit4u and Lush Lolly Bars; and various other vendors including:

Me! – Wendy Maley Photography

Love Notes Australia stationary

Naomi V Photography

The Big Wedding Chair guest photography and extraordinary guest books

Somerton Limousines

Flowers by Lynda

A Little Vintage Bliss vintage furniture hire

Steve McMarson Photography

Caroline Jackson celebrant

Boom Boom Bride and Groom artist portrait services

House of Serendipity Gowns

Bayly Allure professional hair and make-up

Leaf en Bloom florist

Niki D Photography

Sarah May Alexander marriage celebrant

Florabunda Flowers

Ceremonies with Amala – celebrant

Beach and Garden Ceremonies – styling and equipment hire

Champagne Events wedding planner

William Moran Celebrant

The highlight of the evening, was of course the three gorgeous models we had cruising around in their stunning House of Serendipity Gowns. They really made the event wonderful, chatting to all the vendors and guests and posing for photos. It really was a great night, and we can’t wait to do it all again in September. Planning has already begun! See you there 😉

A Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride's MarkettaA Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride's MarkettaA Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride's MarkettaA Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride's MarkettaA Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride's MarkettaA Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride's MarkettaA Little Vintage Bliss Wedding Hub Bride's Marketta

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