meet Wendy

Hey there, I'm Wendy. Wearer of converse, eater of cake and lover of light. I'm a wedding and portrait photographer from the Gold Coast, Australia and am new to the beautiful city of Dunedin in NZ. We loved our holidays in NZ so much that we picked up and decided to move our whole family over. Crazy, but YOLO people! I absolutely love the scenery of NZ, and I'm so freakin excited to shoot some glorious weddings and portraits in and around Otago and Southland!!! So here I am, searching for people to share in my enthusiasm. Kindred spirits come at me! 

My favorite Things snow-capped mountains
natural light
japanese food
buttercream frosting
my husband and kids
converse shoes
So the darkness
Shall be the light,
and the stillness
the dancing
T.S Eliot

So what can you expect when you work with me? 

I love light. I'm a natural light photographer. To photograph literally means to draw with light, and that's what I love to do. Light thrills me, so expect to be excitedly screamed at to 'omg get out of the car now!' so I can usher you into some exquisite pool of light or capture the last rays of the day. It's how I roll. 

I love capturing people's true spirit and I'm a firm believer in 'your vibe attracts your tribe'. I WILL threaten to tickle you, drink your beer or make you wear a crappy hat with ears to get your true self to shine. I'm also funny AF. Ask my husband. I like a relaxed 'work' environment, but I'm also not afraid to get my bossy boots on when it comes to family photos. I prefer to smash them out in minutes so we can get on and have some fun.