Got questions? I got answers! Here’s the most common wedding FAQ’s I get asked.

What is the best time of year to get married? Great Question. It depends on a few factors. When is your preferred venue available? What kind of ceremony are you having? If it's an outdoor one, how do you feel about standing outside in the freezing winter or hot summer sun in full wedding attire? So my advice is think about where you are going to have your ceremony, what the weather may be like, when the sun will set (this will affect your ceremony time) and what flowers are available at that time of year (if you are into a certain kind of flower).

Should I have an unplugged ceremony? It's up to you. Here's some reasons you should. So often I see a sea of phones and (ugh) tablets scattered throughout the crowd while shooting a wedding. This means two things. Your guests aren't engaged in the situation. Live in the moment people, that's why I'm there, to take photos! Second, they can impede my shots. Let me tell you there is nothing worse than trying to shoot the first kiss (which you can't re-do) when aunt Beryl jumps up with her iPad into the aisle and not only takes a pretty crappy photo, but I have missed that shot, and when they use flash, worse! Tragic!

What time of day should I get married? Think of it in terms of 'when is the best time of day to capture beautiful photos?' Ok, so the best light of day is in the couple of hours after sunrise and before sunset, so what you want to do is sit down with your photographer and work out where you will be shooting your location photos and when, what time sunrise/sunset is that day and if you need to factor in travel and work backwards or forwards from there. This is something I do at every client meeting to maximise the quality and quantity of photos I can capture for you on the day. Travel and other factors such as large bridal parties and large families will push your ceremony time back so think about all these things when planning your ceremony time. Some couples opt to shoot their location before the ceremony, so that's a possibility too.

Do you pose people? I prefer to shoot as candidly as possible, so I will direct my couples, but that's where it ends. Natural moments are far, far better and contain the emotion I want to capture.

Is there a deposit required? To secure your date a non-refundable booking fee of $500 (deducted from your package) is required. This tells me you're a keen bean.

Do I do the Toyota jump in the air shot? Nope, no I don't. If you're after cheesy posing and the like, you've come to the wrong place. I also refuse to shoot denim on denim and all beige. Don't get me wrong, I love fun and props though, but it's something that not only depends on the client's taste, but I change them constantly and they make up a super tiny part of my shot list (sometimes not at all).

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