Alisha & Garry’s Super Fun Hinterland Wedding

Alisha and Garry are awesome people. They had a gorgeous and hilariously funny hinterland wedding at St Bernards Mt Tamborine. Here is their story.

I had the pleasure of meeting Garry in Grade 9 of high school when he moved to the Gold Coast. We were partners in shenanigans from the outset, united in our quest to get through year 9 social studies in any way we could. Others joined in. We had an awesome time. The teacher left the school shortly after (I feel a little bad about that, but she was super ill-equipped to deal with a bunch of bored 14 year olds).

Bearing all this in mind, I was stoked to be asked to shoot Garry’s wedding to Alisha, his lovely and equally funny fiance. These two are gold. They have two munchkins, love the outdoors and love a good sense of humour. So we were solid.

The location was set, the Gold Coast hinterland was calling, and I couldn’t wait to be involved in this shindig. Many laughs were had, many moments were captured and the hinterland turned it on like never before with a sunset to rival Hollywood blockbusters.

Here is the super fun hinterland wedding of Garry and Alisha. Congrats guys x





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